We think we've answered any questions you might have underneath - but you never know!  If you're query isn't on this page just give us a quick call on 01273 732286 or email us at [email protected]

Do I have to buy machines online?

No, not at all, you can still buy any machines we feature in our online shop in the normal way, contact one of our salesmen, arrange a visit and then maybe come for a demo at our showroom in Hove.  But, if you buy a Dugard Lunan machine online though you do get a 5% discount off the final price. 


So why would I buy online then?

Well there’s the 5% discount on new machines for a start, also, if you know exactly what you want isn’t it just a bit simpler to do it online?  At the moment the only new machines in our online shop are the Dugard Lunan range – these machines have a limited spec and reduced options, designed to keep all the functionality you need and the price ultra low.  This range was made for online ordering – they’re totally straightforward machines so you might as well order online and get what you want within a few days.  We're also listing our entire range of used machines in our online shop, and, as every one of these machines is negotiable on price if you buy it in person, if you buy online you can make offers, often slashing masses off the list price and getting a fantastic bargain.

Great, how does the offer system work?

Just as you'd expect - you decide what you'd like to pay, enter the amount in the offer box, press make offer and if you're close enough you get the machine!  There's a thermometer on the machine page and it'll show you how close you are, so if it changes colour, you're getting much closer and maybe you'll want to keep trying.  When you make an offer though you do have to register an account, that's really simple, it's to make sure we have your contact details in case we take a second look at your offer and decide it's good enough after all.  If we do decide to take a lower offer we can email or call to give you the good news and get your delivery sorted out as quick as possible, and you've got yourself a really good deal.

I can't seem to make an offer on a Dugard Lunan machine, what's going on?

Yeah, sorry, that's right, you can only make offers on the used machines.  The new machines in our online shop have fixed prices, they're already as low as we can go so we can't negotiate on them - you do get the 5% discount on new machines when you buy online though, that's better than nothing right?!


I don’t live in the UK, can I still by a machine online?

In many cases yes – currently we export throughout Europe, Russia and the Middle East.  Some places are a bit more tricky though, (if you live there I’m sure you’re already aware of the export issues) but providing you have an export licence we’re more than happy to complete the sale, give us a quick call on +44 1273 732286 if you have any questions.


Do you price your machines in different currencies?

Absolutely, if you buy a machine online they are priced in either Pound Sterling (£), Euros (€) or US Dollars ($)

Do I pay VAT if I buy a machine online?

Yes, all sales on our website have UK VAT added. 

But what if I’m not from the UK and I don’t need to pay VAT?

Well, we still need to charge the VAT until we have proof that you’re exempt.  What we do is, if you’re from the EU, and your machine is being delivered in the EU, we will refund the VAT you paid with your 10% deposit – just give us a valid EU VAT registration number when we call to confirm your order.  If you’re having your machine delivered outside the UK and the EU, the VAT charge you pay with your 10% deposit can be refunded – we need you to give us valid shipping documentation confirming the delivery address of the machine when we call to confirm your order and delivery details. 

Surely you don’t expect me to pay for a whole machine online?

No,no, of course not!  When you place an order for a machine online all you pay to start off with is a 10% deposit to secure your order – that’s 10% of the final order price including the machine and any options you choose.  You also pay for delivery when you place the order but our online delivery charges are super low so it’s a really good deal!

OK, how do I pay though?

Well, if you're buying a new machine, you pay your 10% deposit online, when you place your order.  If you've made an offer on a used machine though, we'll let you know when your offer has been accepted by email, then you click on the link in the email and pay the 10% deposit online.  To secure your machine you need to pay the deposit within 3 days of the email, otherwise we'll just assume you've made a mistake and put it back up for sale on the website.

But when do I pay for delivery?

Well, if you're buying a new machine you pay for delivery when you place the order.  If you're buying a used machine though, because they vary so much in size each delivery needs to be priced individually.  If you want an idea of how much delivery will cost for any used machine, just give us a quick call on 01273 732286 or email [email protected].  But, whether you're buying a new or used machine from us, because we use all our own transport as much as possible, our online delivery charges are super low so it's a really good deal!


So when do I pay the balance then?

After we’ve received your order we will be in touch to sort out the rest of the payment. Normally we would need you to pay for the whole machine before it’s delivered (this could be by bank transfer or cheque).  In certain situations though we can negotiate a payment plan for the remainder of the machine cost, call us on 01273 732286 before you place your order to see how we can help.  If you’d like we can offer asset finance,just give us a call to discuss it.

My credit card isn’t registered to the address I want my machine delivered to, is that OK?

Of course, when you place your order we’ll ask you for your billing details first,then, if you want your machine delivered to a different address you just tell us where that is in the next section.


Can I choose when my machine will be delivered?

Absolutely,after you’ve placed your order we’ll be in touch to arrange a few final details, including your delivery date and time. If the machine you ordered is in stock we hope to have it delivered to you within 5 working days (as long as that’s convenient for you).  All machines that are in stock when you place your order will be delivered within a maximum of 30 days from your order date.


What if my workshop’s tricky to get to?

That’s perfectly OK – but it would be good to know about any potential difficulties as soon as possible.  When you place your order there’s a box in the Delivery Method section for you to write in, this is where you’ll let us know about anything we might have trouble with - are there any steps, is the access road big enough for a lorry, is the doorway big enough to get a machine through?  Anything really that will help us when we deliver your machine.  That’s not the only opportunity you’ll have to let us know though, after you place your order we will be in touch to confirm all your order and delivery details - maybe we need to check access details or opening times, we could even arrange for somebody to pop in and have a quick look if you're worried about fitting the machine in.


Hold on, what if my machine wasn’t in stock when I placed the order, how will I know when it’s ready?

Well for a start, if you pre-ordered a machine don’t worry, it won’t be long until it’s in stock.  When you place your order we’ll give you an estimate of when we expect to receive your machine to our warehouse in Hove.  Once it arrives it’ll be given a pre-delivery inspection by our in house engineers (just like all our other machines), then when this is completed (within 2 working days of the machine’s arrival) we'll be in touch to arrange a delivery time and date with you.


How will you deliver my machine, there’s not a courier service right?

No,well not that we use anyway!  If you choose to have your machine delivered by us, usually we’ll do this on our own Dugard lorries.  Sometimes if we’re particularly busy we’ll ask one of our delivery partners to deliver the machine instead, if this happens your delivery charge will not change and we’ll stil lbe responsible for your machine right up until it’s delivered to you.


What if I don’t want to pay for delivery, can I click and collect?

Yeah,well sort of, we don’t have to deliver your machine for you at all, if you’d rather sort it all out yourself that’s perfectly fine.  So, if you do choose to have your machine delivered by an independent carrier we’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready for collection.  If you're arranging for delivery yourself, you should arrange for your machine to be picked up from our Hove warehouse within 30 days of the collection date we give you.  Of course any machine not delivered by us cannot leave our Hove warehouse until all our payment terms have been met.  If you choose to have your machine delivered by an independent carrier we will ensure the machine is in perfect condition when it leaves Hove and you are responsible for it from that point on.


Can you deliver outside the UK?

If you want your machine delivered outside the UK it’s definitely possible, but give us a quick call on +44 1273 732286 to check before you place your order as some countries are simply too difficult for us to deliver to.  If that’s the case though(providing you have an export licence if you need one) you can arrange delivery for yourself, but always call and check before you complete your order online.

How will you deliver my machine outside the UK?

If you want us to deliver your machine and it’s just going into Europe that’s no probs, we’ll put it on a lorry and get it out to you as quick as possible.  If your machine is being delivered outside the Europe we may have to put it in a container, to keep costs as low as possible this’ll be in a “shared load”, it could take slightly longer to ship but it means we can still give you excellent value.  By the way, in certain countries we can only actually deliver to a port – so you need to tell us what one, and arrange your own transport from there.

If I choose to have my machine delivered by you, how much will it cost?

The delivery charge for each machine in the Dugard Lunan range is exactly the same.  However, the charges are slightly different depending on where in the world you want your machine delivered:

  • England,Wales and Scotland - £350/machine
  • Northern Ireland and Ireland - £500/machine
  • Export - £1000/machine (call us on +44 1273 732286 or email us at [email protected] before you order to check we can deliver your machine to the country you want it delivered to)
Used machines vary so much in size that we need to make individual delivery quotes for each machine.  We keep the cost as low as we can by using all our own transport (call us on 01273 732286 or email us at [email protected] before you order to check how much delivery will be) but we promise to keep the cost super low.