About Us

C Dugard Ltd have been selling machine tools since 1939, and needless to say we’re very experienced in all areas of the business - which is why we decided to try something new for 2015, and launch our online shop. 

Dugard Online Shop

Initially the only machines available to buy online were our Dugard Lunan range.  These machines are perfect for an online shop – basic machines with limited controls and options to choose from.  Plus they’re really well priced, so the strain on the credit card isn’t quite so eye watering when you get to the checkout.  Next up for the online shop treatment are our used machines and for these machines you know have the ability to place bids online.  With our new biddable format you can get yourself a fantastic bargain as we now have the ability online to accept offers on used machines well below the asking price.

5% Discount with Online Orders

Price was a really big concern for us when we first started thinking about selling online, as paying for a whole machine on a credit card would be fairly unusual.  But, then we thought, if you buy a machine in the normal way you pay a deposit first, why not do that online?  So that’s exactly how it works with the Dugard online shop – you choose the control you want on your machine, pick out some options if you need them and all you’ll need to pay at that stage of the sale is 10% of the machine price, and of course the delivery charge.  As an added incentive we offer a 5% discount on all online sales, for both new and used machines.  Once your order’s complete we’ll be in touch to arrange the balance of the payment, normally we’ll need you to pay for the whole machine before it’s delivered (either by bank transfer or cheque).  In certain situations though we can negotiate a payment plan for the remainder of the machine cost, call us on 01273 732286 before you place your order to see how we can help.  If you’d like we can offer asset finance, just give us a call to discuss it.

Used Machine Offer Process

We don’t give you a discount on our used machines online, but you can effectively create your own as you can now make offers online for all our used machines.  Each used machine in our online shop is listed with a price, but, if you bought a used machine from us in person you’d be able to negotiate a deal so why should our online shop be any different?  What happens is, you make an offer (you’ll need to log on and create an account for the bid to register, but that’s really simple) and the thermometer next to the offer box will tell you if it’s high enough to be accepted.  If it is the payment process works exactly the same way as with new machines - you pay a 10% deposit online and the balance before you take delivery.  The offer process is just a guide really, keep trying because we review all the offers we get, even if your bid isn’t quite high enough, the closer you get makes it much more likely that we’ll consider taking a lower offer.

Machine Stock

The stocking capability at Dugard means that we’re able to keep healthy levels of stock for every machine we offer in the online shop.  However, occasionally we simply sell too many machines so we then have to wait for the new stock to arrive.  If this is the case you can always pre-order a machine to make sure you get one as soon as we do, don’t worry we have new stock arriving daily so you’ll never have to wait too long.  Of course all the used machines we offer online are in stock and available for immediate delivery so if you buy a used machine online you can have it delivered within days.

Machine Delivery

We will deliver your machine on our own Dugard lorries at a very reasonable price.  Of course if you’d rather arrange your delivery yourself that’s fine too, we’ll let you know when it’s ready and you can arrange for it to be picked up from our warehouse in Hove.  All stock machines, new and used, are available for immediate delivery.  If your machine wasn’t in stock when you placed your order, we’ll let you know as soon as it arrives so we can arrange a delivery date.

For any more information on our online shop please go to our FAQ section, and click here to see our full conditions of sale.